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Consulting Hack

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How can we re-invent the future of consulting industry? An example of a platform of International collaboration.

The Family Dinner

In 1950 a fully grown chicken needed almost 80 days, before it entered the food chain. In 2008 a chicken of more than twice the size needed only 45 days.

Food is becoming an area of focus both in the developed as well as in the developing countries. The challenge remains: how do we create the conditions for optimum production and distribution of best quality food and allow every family to choose and enjoy the most nutritional food for its members.

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A platform for Design Tools

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The publishing partner and the author of a Design Book, required the design of a knowledge platform that extends beyond the book and portrays Open Innovation components and applications.

Free to Air TV

This story uncovers how iPad is converted to a real time Free to Air TV, used to promote the application of Cognitive Behavior Treatment(CBT) for the treatment of depression. It creates a life anchor for people to withstand their sudden depressive moments.

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