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For profit and good.

For good, no profit. is trying to challenge the orthodoxies of the Healthcare and Education system. Building documentary based narratives and applications that revisit the ways we Care, Connect and Create.

Member of the Board and head of Strategy and Development. 

The TV commercial was produced in Zambia as a pro bono work for "Doctors without Borders". It received a Golden Ermis Award (Best Production) in the National Advertising Awards. 

Executive Producer: Klimis Asikoglou ( | Producer: Stylianos Makridis | Director: Evan Theodosopoulos | Art Director: Gerasimos Neofytos | Director of Photography: Jan Vogel | Photographer: Stylianos Makridis | Post: Cinepos 

St. Louis Experiment

What if we consider gangs in areas of economic decline, not as a sign of social decadence but as a means of social organization that can be leveraged to create local hubs of small businesses, run and secured by the gangs themselves? 

Industry:  Social enterprise

Role: Managing Partner.

Geography: Saint Louis, MO.

Responsibility: Business modeling, ethnography, government and NGO relationship management, capital raising. 

Floga [ i.e  Flame, (met. light)) is the Greek Association of Families whose children are cancer patients. It provides medical, financial and psychological support to the kids and their families while undergoing therapy and rehabilitation. 

In an effort to create awareness around their work and create publicity around their time of raising funds, I dedicated a photography and installation exhibition to the Association, sponsored a Christmas party in their premises and donated two of my artworks which are permanently installed in the children’s hostel.

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